Reservation for One-to-one MS or writing sample session.

This is your opportunity to get personal advice and counseling from our New York publishing professionals and other members of our faculty with strong experience in one or more publishing areas. You’ll get an honest opinion of your work and, most importantly, the areas you need to improve on from a person qualified to do it! You can make great strides forward in your writing progress from what you learn at this one day conference. You may select (on a first come first serve basis) a faculty member to have a twenty minute one-to-one counseling meeting. Yes, the agents will expect you to pitch your work to them, if they have connections to your genre, general fiction, or non-fiction interest area.

Here’s how it works:

  • You must be a registered participant of the conference to be eligible for the one-to-one sessions.
  • Read about each faculty member’s area of expertise and determine which members you would like to consult. There is a limit of two sessions with our New York Agents/Editors per participant. There is no limit on our “local” faculty. Make your selection from the Faculty Lists on the conference Website and enter them on the form below.
  • Each faculty member will have a writing sample requirement that must be submitted to the conference 30 days (in our hands) prior to the conference. This allows the faculty member to review your work in advance and give you better suggestions. Requirements are specified in the “selection sheets” in this program. You may select your agent/editor choices in advance of submitting your work. You may submit different work to different agents/editors you select, but ONLY one work to each agent/editor. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE ELECTRONIC in Word or as  PDF.
  • You will have a time(s) and place(s) provided to you in your registration packet the day of the conference.
  • If the faculty member you’ve chosen already has been “sold out” you will be given the opportunity to select another member. Availability of all faculty is on a first-come-first-serve basis based on receipt of registrations.
  • Rates per session with each individual are marked on the selection sheets. New York Agent/Editor Faculty is $50 for each session. Faculty is $30 for each session.

Read the Rules and Tips Listed Here:

Rules & tips for submissions for faculty review. The sample will consist of – for books (all fiction & non-fiction) 1) 200 word description of the book, 2) the first 15 pages of manuscript in standard format (double space, inch margins, etc.) and a 100 word flash bio. All attendees will receive a “1-to-1 sample rules” with tips and format requirements.

The sample will consist of – for articles, essays, short-stories,  etc. (all fiction & non-fiction) 1) 50 word description of the work, 2) the first 2500 words of manuscript in standard format (double space, inch margins, etc.) and a 100 word flash bio. All attendees will receive a “1-to-1 sample rules” with tips and format requirements.

Formatting – All manuscript (ms) must: 1) be double spaced, 2) have 1” margins on all sides, 3) use Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, and 4) be submitted in Word format or as a PDF.

Every page must have the writer’s name on it. (Suggested that it appear in front of the page #)

Every page must have a page number on the upper right hand corner.

It is highly recommended that: 1) the work you submit is as “sparkling clean” as you can make it, 2) that means grammar and spelling are excruciatingly correct, continuity should be perfect, and 3) you’ve carefully reviewed your style to be sure it represents what you wish to portray.

It is strongly suggested that you select agents and editors that would have interest and knowledge of the work you are submitting.

Research the faculty member in preparation for your selection and session.

IMPORTANT: Remember that when meeting with an agent it is equally or more important for you to sell yourself as a person the agent, editor and publisher will feel good working with. Consider this: there is no shortage of work for agents, etc. to choose from. Do you think they will be more comfortable selecting work from a person they have met and feel they can work with or someone they’ve never met or have doubts about having a good working relationship?

PREPARE TO PITCH: Tell the editor/agent these items, in this order (Provided by Deb Werksman)

  1. Are you a published author?
    • A. Specify self-published, or who your publisher is
    • How many books have you published?
      1. Specify length (example: full-length novels (this means over 80,000 words); short novels (under 80,000 words); novellas (under 50,000 words)
      2. How many copies have you sold to readers (not including free downloads)—if you are self-published, please specify price (example: $3.99)
    • If not previously published, tell me why readers will buy your book.
  2. Category and subgenre (examples: Paranormal romance; Police procedural mystery; YA Thriller
  3. Is this the start of a series, or is it a stand-alone?
  4. Is the manuscript complete?
    •  Word count of complete manuscript
  5. What is the hook for the series?
  6. What is the hook for the first book?
  7. Themes, tropes, conflict, etc. (optional)


·Tropes are not the hook (for example: second chance at love; frenemies to lovers)
·Plot summary is not a pitch
-Feel free to read your pitch from notes or note cards, that is not a problem
·I am taking pitches ONLY for: Romance fiction, women’s fiction, historical fiction, mystery/thriller/suspense, narrative non-fiction, YA—please do not pitch other categories

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