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Frequently asked questions

About The Southwest Florida Writers Conference.
Q. When is the event being held?
A. Saturday, April 18, 2020

Q. Where is it the location the event is being held?
A. Charlotte County Cultural Center, 2280 Aaron Street, Port Charlotte, Florida, 33952. It is located less than 10 minutes from I-75.

Q. When does it start and finish?
A. Registration packets will be available and sign in opens at 8:00 AM, the first class sessions begin at 8:50 AM, Classes are done at 5:20 PM, the event finishes at 8:00 PM after the banquet and keynote speaker are finished.

Q. Is airline service available within a reasonable distance?
A. Yes. Punta Gorda airport is within a 15 minute drive. Budget airline “Allegiant Airlines” services this facility. Southwest Regional in Ft. Myers is 50 minutes away and Sarasota/Bradenton is 1 hour 5 minutes away. Major airlines fly into both of these facilities.

Q. What does the event consist of?
A. There are 45 minute break-out seminars with a choice of subjects to choose from. Our faculty is composed of New York Agents and Editors, and local educational, publishing, and writing professionals. The staff includes literary doctorates and a Pulitzer Prize winner. A detailed schedule appears on our website

Q. What is the cost to register for the event?
A. Early Registration to December 1st is $175.

December 1st to April 1st is $190. After April 1st is $225.

Q. Do I have to provide or pay for my own breakfast, lunch and dinner?
A. Morning coffee, lunch and dinner are provided as part of your registration fee.

Q. Is there a dress code?
A. Informal but professional.

Q. Are there any restrictions on registrations?
A. Yes. No more than 300 participants will be accepted. You must be registered for the conference before you can participate in the One-to-one sessions.

Q. What is a One-to-one session?
A. It is the opportunity to meet with one of our faculty members. Most frequently it will be for evaluation of your work, assistance in the “business” portion of writing, or to learn more about their area of expertise. They can help you in many ways.

Q. Do One-to-one sessions cost extra?
A. Yes. All sessions are twenty minutes long. Sessions with Agents and major publisher Editors cost $50. Sessions with the rest of our faculty cost $30. Help and hints received may save you significant time in furthering your writing career. Check the website for more information on our faculty.

Q. Is preparation required to participate on the One-to-one sessions?
A. Yes & No. In most cases it is strongly suggested that you provide samples of your writing IN ADVANCE for the faculty member’s evaluation. However, it may be beneficial to meet to discuss VERY specific problems. Check the website to determine what faculty members require in advance and what their areas of expertise are. You will receive registration forms for One-to-one sessions after your conference registration is received along with additional information.

Q. Are there any limitations on participating in One-to-one sessions?
A. Yes. All faculty counseling sessions are based on a first come first serve basis. (In order of Conference Registration receipt) There is a limitation of reserving two sessions with our NYC faculty. Alternate choices are provided for on the form you’ll receive. You may pick any number of sessions with local faculty.

Q. What if all my choices are already filled to capacity?
A. You will be contacted and if no satisfactory alternate can be found, your One-to-one session fee will be returned to you.

Q. Are hotel facilities available at special rates?
A. Yes. We have arrangements made with Microtel a first rate place to stay less than a mile from the Cultural Center.

Q. If I should decide I can’t come after I’ve paid for my registration, is it refundable?
A. You will receive 50% of your registration fee and any One-to-one sessions PRIOR to December 1st. 2019. No refunds are available after this date.

Q. What happens if the conference should be cancelled?
A. Your registration fee will be returned to you.