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One-To-One Sessions  –  Only for registered attendees! 1st pick of agents goes to 1st registered.
A special opportunity! – Have your writing reviewed or pitch your work to a publishing professional … including 13 agents and editors from NYC. Submit your sample/pitch in advance and spend 20 minutes with someone who may aid you in your writing career.

Information to assist you in conducting your One-to-One sessions with agents and editors (provided by Deb Werksman)

PREPARE TO PITCH: Tell the editor/agent these items, in this order

  • Are you a published author?
    1. Specify self-published, or who your publisher is
    2. How many books have you published?
      1. Specify length (example: full-length novels (this means over 80,000 words); short novels (under 80,000 words); novellas (under 50,000 words)
      2. How many copies have you sold to readers (not including free downloads)—if you are self-published, please specify price (example: $3.99)
    3. If not previously published, tell me why readers will buy your book.
  • Category and subgenre (examples: Paranormal romance; Police procedural mystery; YA Thriller
  • Is this the start of a series, or is it a stand-alone?
  • Is the manuscript complete?
    1. Word count of complete manuscript
  • What is the hook for the series?
  • What is the hook for the first book?
  • Themes, tropes, conflict, etc. (optional)


-Tropes are not the hook (for example: second chance at love; frenemies to lovers)
·Plot summary is not a pitch
-Feel free to read your pitch from notes or note cards, that is not a problem
·I am taking pitches ONLY for: Romance fiction, women’s fiction, historical fiction, mystery/thriller/suspense, narrative non-fiction, YA—please do not pitch other categories

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