2019 Writer’s Conference
“The Hudson comes to the Peace”

Here is your conference schedule:
For your convenience a map of the Charlotte County Cultural Center is included in this program.

 When  ___ Where  _________             What                                     _________             Who_________                

7:00 AM    Lobby                 Registration/Packet dispersal                                          ABC volunteers

7:00 AM    Dining Hall      Breakfast is served                                                               Cultural Ctr. Staff

8:30 AM    Dining Hall      Welcome                                                                                   Brenda Spalding

Session 1                  40 minute session

8:50 AM      Theater            Agents/Editors answer questions about fiction           Agents & Editors                                                                                                                                                    Moderator – Marie LaBrassie

                                            Panel – Lisa Abellera, Doug Grad, Katharine Sands,
                                            open, open, Paula Munier
                 room Tolstoy  What’s hot & what’s not in non-fiction                       Agent   Stephany Evans
                 Room Austin     Writing to a market                                                           Staff – TBA
Until       Room King         Internet Marketing for writers                                     Staff–Brenda Spalding
                 Room Rowling Literary fiction that appeals to
                                              Agents/publishers                                                              Agent – Rebecca scherer
                 Room Dickens  Writing is your business – be sure it is!                         Staff – Tim Jacobs
                 Room Roberts Grammar – where to find it                                               Staff – Liz COURSINS
9:30 AM   Room Twain     Poetry workshop/finding publication                         Staff–Clarissa Thomasson

Session 2                  40 minute session

9:40 AM   Theater            Agents/Editors answer questions about                       Agents & Editors
                                           non-fiction                                                                             Moderator – Susan Klaus
                                           Panel – Dede Cummings, Stephany Evans,
                                           Bob Zaslow, Toni Robino, Dr. Robert Fulton,
                                           Nicole Rescinti
               Room Tolstoy  What’s hot & what’s not in fiction                                Agent   Lisa Abellera
               Room Austin  Writing to a market                                                              Staff – TBA
Until     Room King      Internet Marketing for writers                                       Staff –  Brenda Spalding
               Room Rowling Editing – You mean there’s more than grammar?      Staff – Veronica H. Hart
               Room Dickens Literary Magazines – Who, How, What & When             Staff – Dr. Lynn Hawkins
               Room Roberts the book tourist – marketing in person                       Agent – Liz Coursins
               Room Twain    six secrets of successfully publishing authors         agent – sheree bykofsky

Session 3                  40 minute session

10:30 AM  Theater   What publishers want in an author                                     PUBLISHERS                                                                                                                                                                          Moderator – Marie LaBrassie
                  Panel – Mary CUSTURERIE, Jane Cussen,
                              (Peppertree), X, Y, Z
                  Room Tolstoy  What’s hot & what’s not in fiction                              Agent – Lisa Abellera
                  Room Austin   Five reasons you need an agent                                     Agent – Sheree Bykofsky
Until        Room King       Reasons to write – but not for publication              Agent – Toni Robino
                  Room Rowling Editing – You mean there’s more than grammar?    Staff – Veronica H. Hart
                  Room Dickens Publishing studies and scholarly work (???)              Staff – TBA
                  Room Roberts Less is More – the art of being succinct                      Staff– Clarissa Thomasson
11:10 AM  Room Twain    Memoirs – What people what to know about you      Staff – Jo Ann Glin

Session 4                  40 minute session

11:20 AM  Theater   Intellectual Property                                                                 Agent – Emily Keyes
                 Room Tolstoy  What’s hot & what’s not in non-fiction                      Agent – Stephany Evans
                 Room Austin    Beware the Shaggy Dog story                                         Editor – Dr. Robert Fulton
Until       Room King       Mystery that appeals to agents & publishers             Agent – Nicole Rescinti
                 Room Rowling Self-Publishing – is it for you?                                       Staff – Tim Jacobs
                 Room Dickens Magazine article writing                                                   Staff –  Lane DeGregory
                 Room Roberts It all depends on your “point of view!” (POV)              Staff –  Joanne Tailele
12:00 PM  Room Twain    Books that sell to Agents, Publishers & Readers       Agent   Doug Grad

12:10 PM   Dining Hall      Lunch is served

12:40 PM   Dining Hall      Presenting collegiate writing awards                         Clarissa Thomasson

Session 5                  40 minute session

1:20 PM     Theater    Getting your book on shelves – panel discussion     Bookstore owners/managers                                                                                                                                                   Moderator–Susan Klaus
                                   Panel – Heidi X, Kathryn Y, (McIntosh), (Store One),
                                   (Sunshine Books), (B&N), (BAM), Annette Stilson
                   Room Tolstoy  Is fiction the place to start your writing career     Staff – DL Havlin
                   Room Austin    Platforms & how to build them                                       Editor – Lynn Thompsn
Until         Room King       Romance that appeals to agents & publishers             Agent – Nicole Recinti
                   Room Rowling Theme, Plot, Story Line – they aren’t the same            Staff – Dr. Lynn Hawkins
                   Room Dickens Magazine article writing                                                    Staff – Lane DeGregory
                   Room Roberts Covers that work & those that don’t –                          Staff – Joe Eckstein
                                              TO SELL BOOKS
 2:00 PM     Room Twain    The art of keeping them reading – Pacing                       Staff – Joanne Tailele

Session 6                  40 minute session

2:10 PM     Theater   Getting your book on shelves – panel discussion          Area Librarians                                                                                                                                                                  Moderator – Nancy Buscher
                                  Panel – Dr. Robert Hoeperling, Ellen India, Mary X,
                                  (Collier), (Charlotte), (Lee), (Manatee), (Desoto)
                  Room Tolstoy  Character Development – a scientific approach I      Staff –  DL Havlin
                  Room Austin   Is Partnership Publishing for you?                                  Editor – Dede Cummings
Until        Room King       Fantasy that appeals to agents & publishers               Agent   Paula Munier
                  Room Rowling “Hobby authors” – A place to start & how to do it   Staff – TBA
                  Room Dickens Publishing human interest stories and books            Editor  TBA
                  Room Roberts A Writer’s View on Crafting a Best Seller                      Staff – Angela Assanti
2:50 PM     Room Twain   writing for outdoor publication                                   editor – dr. robert fulton

session 7                  40 minute session

3:00 PM     Theater     Publishing trends – panel discussion                                    Agents & Editors
                                                                                                                                                 Moderator – susan klaus
                                      Panel – sheree bykofsky, rebecca scherer,
katherine sands, emily keyes
                  Room Tolstoy  Character Development – a scientific approach II     Staff –  DL Havlin
                  Room Austin     Effective Dialogue                                                               Staff – Dr. James Abraham
Until        Room King       Historical works that appeal to agents & publishers Agent   TBA
                  Room Rowling Producing, Writing & Selling “Green” work                 Editor Dede Cummings
                  Room Dickens Finding your market                                                             Staff – Dr. Lynn Hawkins
                  Room Roberts Newspaper articles & stories – getting started          Staff –  Lucy Beebe Tobias
3:40 PM    Room Twain    fantasy that appeals to agents & publishers                Agent   TBA

Session 8                  40 minute session

3:50 PM     Theater    What do PERODICALS want – panel discussion                    Newspaper & Magazine Eds.
                                                                                                                                              Moderator–Nancy Buscher
      Panel – Bob Massey, Ed Franks, Cindy Bush/, (Naples),
                                     (Sarasota), (GCM), Rob Oglesby, mag Y
                  Room Tolstoy  Writing for radio and TV                                                 Staff – TBA
                  Room Austin    Effective Dialogue                                                              Staff – Dr. James Abraham
Until        Room King       YA & Children’s that appeal to agents & publishers Agent   Emily Keyes
                  Room Rowling Writing controversial & emotional subjects           Staff–Melody Dean Dimick
                  Room Dickens Query Letters                                                                        Agent   Katharine Sands
                  Room Roberts Newspaper articles & stories – getting started        Staff –  Lucy Beebe Tobias
4:30 PM     Room Twain    Open for Agents Suggestions                                          Agent   TBA

Session 9                  40 minute session

4:40 PM     Theater    What do avid readers want – panel discussion           Book buyers & club members                                                                                                                                                   Moderator – Susan Klaus
                                      Panel – 4 bookstoreS & 4 librarians referrals
                 Room Tolstoy  Pacing – keep them reading                                           Staff –  Melody Dean Dimick
                 Room Austin    Advanced editing topics – Legalities, continuity    Editor – Lynn thompson
Until       Room King       Sci-fi that APPEAL to agents & publishers                   Agent   Paula Munier
                 Room Rowling Non-fiction that appeal to agents & publishers    Agent   Doug Grad
                 Room Dickens                                                                                                  Staff – TBA
                 Room Roberts The idea factory – creative juice squeezer                 Agent   Toni Robino
5:20 PM     Room Twain    Illustrations & artwork basics                                   Staff – Joe Eckstein

5:30 PM     Lobby               Networking – visit exhibits, vendors, other participants

6:00 PM     Theater           Keynote speaker                                                                     X

6:40 PM     Dining Hall    Banquet

7:50 PM     Dining Hall    Presentation of the “Whammy”                                   DL Havlin
8:00 PM     Dining Hall    Comments and farewell                                               brenda Spalding & DL Havlin


One-to-One Sessions

How it works.

This is your opportunity to get personal advice and counseling from our New York Publishing Professionals and most other members of our faculty. You’ll get an honest opinion of your work and, most importantly, the areas you need to improve on from a person qualified to do it! You can make great strides forward in your writing progress from what you learn at this one day conference. You may select (on a first come first serve basis) a faculty member to have a twenty minute one-to-one counseling meeting. Yes, they will expect you to pitch your work to them if they have connections to your genre, general fiction, or non-fiction interest area.

Here’s how it works:

  • You must be a registered participant of the conference to be eligible for the one-to-one sessions.
  • Read about each faculty member’s area of expertise and determine which members you would like to consult. There is a limit of two sessions with our New York Agents/Editors per participant. There is no limit on our “local” faculty.
  • Each faculty member will have a writing sample requirement that must be submitted to the conference 60 days (in our hands) prior to the conference. This allows the faculty member to review your work in advance and give you better suggestions. Requirements are specified in the “selection sheets” in this program.
  • You will have a time(s) and place(s) provided to you in your registration packet the day of the conference.
  • Most consultations will be in the Dining Hall, but some may be moved to other locations to accommodate presenters. (See map)
  • If the faculty member you’ve chosen already has been “sold out” you will be given the opportunity to select another member. Availability of all faculty is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Rates per session with each individual are marked on the selection sheets. New York Agent/Editor Faculty is $50 for each session. Faculty is $30 for each session.
  • See refund policy for this topic.