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What “The Hudson comes to the Peace!” is all about.

Writers conferences are a great opportunity for all writers and writer want-to-be’s to keep current with the industry, gain needed skills, and to learn the secrets to success in the writing arena. (Yes, it is as competitive as an arena!) Members of the ABC Writers organization that have gone to first-rate conferences in the past know what a great learning experience and boost to their goals the writer gets from attending. The problem is most of these require long trips, a commitment of several days, and the expense that accompanies going. “The Hudson comes to the Peace!” is an opportunity for Southwest Florida writers to attend a truly great conference without the expense and loss of work days that often is required to participate. This one day conference is packed with educational sessions that highlight what a writer needs to know to improve their craft or begin a career. There will be 70 classes. You choose 10 classes from which you feel will benefit! We are proud to bring to Southwest Florida some of the best publishing professionals. The conference title, “The Hudson comes to the Peace!” reflects that many of our distinguished staff members are agents and editors from New York. Having people with the experience and current involvement in publishing is critical educating you on what the industry wants. Our intent is that people who attend will learn and gather tools to improve their craft, to market their books and themselves, to understand what the industry is searching for, and to provide “Possibilities” while prospecting for that big idea!

The theme, “Possibilities” provides that to the writer. Part of the emphasis of this conference is possibilities to gain writing skills and in some cases earn cash while perfecting your style, voice, and platform. Professionals from the media – magazine, newspaper, TV, radio, Internet, advertising – will be participating and will inform you of possibilities in these areas. Many of the MOST successful authors today started in these fields. James Patterson came from advertising. Improve your craft while you gain credits.

Besides the exciting classes, discussion panels, and workshops, one-on-one 20 minute counseling sessions are offered for those who would like to meet with an agent, editor, or other writing professional. Submit your work in advance (see the rules for submissions) and have an expert evaluation of your book, article, or copy. And … yes, the agents and professionals will expect you to pitch your work to them.

We will have a surprise keynote speaker that will cap our day.

Your breakfast, lunch, and dinner is part of your registration fee. Registration is limited, so register early. While the conference is designed to service writers in the area from Bradenton to Marco Island, the conference is open to anyone. If you have a friend from outside the area, invite them.


Meet the Team

DL Havlin

An “un-retired” business executive and world traveler, DL Havlin has been writing in excess of twenty plus years, has won numerous literary awards, and has published thriller, historical, and mainstream /literary novels. Havlin grew up in Florida and considers its slash pines, palms, waters, and sands a blood relative. Many of his novels are set in Florida, are steeped in Florida history, and cover topics of interest to Florida residents.

On August 4, the Florida Authors & Publishers Association (FAPA) awarded its prestigious annual President’s Book Award to DL Havlin for his novel “The Bait Man”.

Brenda Spalding

I came to writing late in life and find I really enjoy the people I meet. My grandson is my inspiration for the Hayden books. He is a bright and creative companion.

My new passion is adult mystery novels. I recently received the Presidents Award from the Florida Authors and Publishers Ass. at an event in Orlando Florida for my novel Honey Tree Farm – For the Love of the Beekeeper’s Daughter. My book Broken Branches recently received an award from Authors Talk about it. I’m the current President of the Sarasota branch of the National League of American Pen Women, and on the state board.

Robert Coons

RJ COONS was a middle school teacher and principal on Long Island, New York. He now lives in Venice, Florida, where in addition to writing full-time, with wife Diane, actively participates in many area non-profits.

These experiences provide background for his books.

Loud Music is his first novel featuring  Southwest Florida Park Ranger, Blaine Sterling.

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Registration fee includes: Your choice of 9 class sessions, discussion panels, and workshops of 70 offered, keynote speaker, and your ability to schedule individual sessions with agents, editors and writing professionals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included in the registration fee.

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